About us

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Samurai Catamarans is a marine Design and build Company, specializing in the design of leisure and commercial performance orientated,powered Catamarans. These designs together with stealth technology provided with the help of a formula one aero-dynamics team. Gives unmatched performance, fuel economy and ride comfort in any sea state. With over 30 years marine experience Design and build state of the art powered Catamarans to suite your every need.




The new 40 foot Samurai base model is at an amazing unbeatable price of http://www.samuraicatamarans.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2.gif Add one of our packages at factory costs and you get a boat with incredible functionality, speed and stability at a price you won’t believe. Starting at 2.5 Mill Baht We create top quality Catamarans at unbeatable prices. The fastest growing Catamaran Company building one of the best Catamarans around.